June Sermon Discussion Questions

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Here are the discussion questions from the sermon series on Jonah. Groups Ministry will take a break from posting sermon discussion questions until September. If your home group continues to meet during the summer, please take the opportunity to go through some spiritual reflection exercises, which you can find in the Documents section of this website.

Have a great summer!


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This is our last month in the book of Colossians. You can print out the handouts for your home group by clicking this link or looking in the Documents section of this blog.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to Pastor Ryan or Sarah.

January Sermon Discussion Questions

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This month we’re back in the Book of Colossians after a brief break for our Christmas series. The sermon discussion questions for each week are available in handouts that can be downloaded and printed by clicking this link. You can also find the pdf file in the documents section.

Please let us know how we can be supporting you as a home group leader in 2019. Email Sarah or Pastor Ryan with any questions, requests or comments or call the church office.

December Sermon Discussion Questions

Adore Him Sermon Series

Season’s Greetings!

This weekend we’ll begin our Christmas series titled “Come Let Us Adore Him” which will highlight the prayers of those who celebrated the birth of Jesus with great acclaim. Sermon discussion questions for the month of December are now available and the handouts can be saved and printed by clicking this link or navigating to the Documents page of the blog.

Additionally, Paul David Tripp’s advent devotional “Come, Let Us Adore Him” will be available to purchase for $11 each in the foyer this weekend. Stop by the cart and pick up a copy if you don’t already own it.

Group Leaders, if there’s anything we can do for you as we enter into the Christmas season, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

November Sermon Discussion Questions

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For the next two weeks we’ll continue through the first chapter of Colossians. The handouts that include the scripture passage and discussion questions can be downloaded by clicking this link, and are also available in the Documents section.

During the month of December, we’ll be taking a break from Colossians for a special sermon series called “Come, Let Us Adore Him.” If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

October Sermon Discussion Questions

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Some of you have just finished or are about finish the Gather to Scatter study, so we wanted to have sermon discussion questions available for when you need them. Click this link or click on the Documents page of this site to download and print the pdf file that has the first four lessons of the Colossians sermon series.

When you have time, Pastor Ryan would LOVE to hear your feedback about Gather to Scatter. Please give him a call or send him an email when you have a chance. Thank you!

Group Connect and Gather to Scatter

It feels like summer has barely begun, but at Lighthouse, we are busy getting Fall preparations underway.

Here is an important announcement about Group Connect and the Gather to Scatter curriculum that all Home Groups are being asked to go through this Fall.

If you have any questions, please email Sarah or Ryan.

June Sermon Discussion Questions

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This month we’re providing two weeks of sermon discussion questions, as we understand that most groups are about to start or have already started their summer break. If you’ve emailed Sarah or indicated on your attendance log that your group is on break, then your attendance reminders have been shut off.

Please let Sarah know when you’re officially on break and we’ll turn off attendance reminders until September.

To download and print the sermon discussion questions for June, click here or find them in the Documents section.

April-May Sermon Discussion Questions

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This weekend we’re starting a new sermon series on the Book of Joshua called “All In.” The next five weeks of sermon discussion questions are now available in handouts that you can download and print for your home group. The passages are a little longer than this time around and each handout is two pages. You can print double-sided or print two pages and have them side-by-side.

Click HERE for the pdf document, or click the documents tab and select April-May 2018.

March Sermon Discussion Questions

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This month during weekend services at Lighthouse we’ll continue along in the series on 2 Timothy. You can find the scripture passages and discussion questions to go along with each by clicking on this link. They are also available in the Documents section.

If you have questions about sermon discussion questions or would like suggestions for study topics for your home group, please send an email to Sarah or Pastor Ryan.