Opportunity: Adopt An Evangelist

Hi Home Group Leaders! We are including a special invitation from Pastor Paul Moffett this month, Senior Associate Pastor and Pastor of Missions. As you consider who you might give to for Christmas, we invite you to consider praying for and financially supporting one of the attached evangelists. Lighthouse has 4 SAIL (Southeast Asia Institute of Leadership) evangelists that would appreciate your love and support. Attached is the name and a description of each evangelist that needs monthly support. Lighthouse partners with SAIL and Project 92 to support their evangelist missionary team. The missionary team are SAIL graduates who are now on the front-lines as pioneer missionaries in their area. They are all operating in the 10/40 Window (The area of the most unreached people groups.)

Would you please pray and decide, as a home group, if you will share the cost and commit to giving $40.00 each month, as a group, to one of the attached evangelists? As an example, this means that your group would “adopt” one evangelist. Then if you have 10 people in your home group, each person would contribute to the group fund an amount of $4.00 per person or $8.00 per couple per month. This is only $48 a month!

Please email Pastor Paul Moffett at paul@lighthousehome.org with the name of your Home Group, group leader, and the evangelist you would like to support. He will then contact your group leader to finalize the commitment and discuss how to contribute the monthly funds.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support of these evangelists and families who are sharing the gospel in hard to reach places.

Service Project Opportunity: Step By Step Christmas Dinner

Have you thought about doing a service project with you home group this year? For more than 10 years Lighthouse has partnered with the non-profit organization Step By Step to host a Christmas Dinner for young women and children in need. This event includes games, activities, crafts, and an incredible Christmas dinner. For many of those attending, it is the only Christmas dinner they will have.

Step By Step has specifically asked if home groups could put together gift baskets that can be raffled off to the women who attend the event (just like dinner, this is the only gift they will receive). If each home group puts together one basket we would collect 30 baskets. You’d just need each person in your home group to contribute one or two items to the basket and they could be exceptional! Here are some ideas (but feel free to get creative!):

  • S’mores Gift Basket – everything to make s’mores
  • Family Game Night Basket – board games, card games, wooden block games (like Jenga), dice games (like Yahtzee)
  • Movie Gift  Basket – family-friendly movies, snacks, popcorn, etc.
  • Memories Gift Basket – disposable cameras, photo book, some frames, labels
  • Chili Feed Basket – chili packet, canned beans, corn bread mix, bowls

gift baskets

There are other ways to donate to this event as well such as preparing decorations or baked goods, give your time at the event by serving dinner, supervising games or coat check, clean-up service, etc. More information is available at http://lighthousehome.org/component/content/article/20-get-involved/191-step-by-step. If you’re able to donate a basket, please delivery it to the church office by Thursday, Dec. 3.