It’s the Great Planting, Charlie Brown!


Just kidding. But in all seriousness, if this rainy weather has had you cooped up inside for far too long, join us this Saturday morning for an all church, family-friendly event. We’ll be planting over 1,000 plants and trees around the Lighthouse property beginning at 9 a.m. Rain or shine. Coffee and pastries will be served in the morning and pizza will be provided for lunch. Bring a shovel, your gloves, and the members of your home, learning and/or fun group for a wonderful chance to gather with friends while helping spruce up the church property. Register here (for food planning):



Last year, Lighthouse presented the first in a series of workshops focused on its purpose to be a Christ-centered community, reaching out every day to make more and better disciples. This time, Pastors Art and Tony will lead a workshop focused on disciplining and hot topics.

Have you thought about what you would do as a home group leader in a situation if a difficult subject came up, and you really don’t know how to handle it? As a learning group instructor, how would you handle the topic of evolution? As a fun group facilitator, would you be prepared to talk about Christianity and the LGBTQ community?

Maybe you would have no idea what to say – no knowledge base at all about the topic. Or maybe you have some knowledge about the topic, but don’t know how to communicate about it. Whether a subject is hot, cold or lukewarm there is an approach to take that will help you help your disciplee move ahead spiritually. And it won’t be based primarily on your extensive knowledge base, but on your ability to have a good spiritual discussion as a spiritual friend. More & Better II will help you learn how to handle conversations around hot topics with those you are discipling.

The workshop takes place on Saturday, November 12 from 9 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Childcare for infants through kindergarten is available with pre-registration. Sign up today by clicking the following link:

A New Season of Home Group Begins!

Welcome back home groupies! Here’s a special message for you!

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