Rhythms of Hope

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HOPE seems like a rare commodity as of late. Many parts of our lives are changing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and we can often feel overwhelmed. Sensing God’s leading as we pray and desire to care for the Lighthouse family, we will take the next few months to dive deeply into the topic of HOPE. In May, we begin a new sermon series titled “Rhythms of Hope”. During this series, we will explore what it means to rebuild our lives around knowing and encountering the God of HOPE (Romans 15:13). We are looking forward to seeing how God will use these times of teaching to root and ground us in His Hope.

Watch the sermon HERE.

Sermon Discussion questions can be found on the DOCUMENTS page.

Last updated: 5/29/20

1 John: Light and Love

1 John

1 John Series

As we wrap up this series in 1 John, I pray these questions help you to dig in as a home group to get below the surface and lean into your community.

Please see the DOCUMENTS page for the updated questions.

(Last updated 4/24/20)

Guess Who?

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Palm Sunday

Home Group Questions:

  • What are some words that you would use to describe Jesus’ place in your life? Try to be as honest as you can to your experience not just what you know is right?
  • Is there a view of Jesus that you are tempted to hold onto even if you know it’s not true? Why?
  • This weekend, Pastor Paul asked, “What cause is Jesus calling you to?” What was your answer, how can we encourage one another to press into those spaces?
  • The crowds cry to Jesus, “Lord Save us!- Hosanna” and then abandon him when he fails to meet their expectations. What are some of the expectations that you bring to Jesus? What would it look like to let go of them? How can we pray for an encourage you as a group?


1 John: Light and Love

1 John

1 John Series

As we begin this series that will take us into the spring. I pray these questions help you to dig in as a home group to get below the surface and lean into your community.

Please see the DOCUMENTS page for the updated questions.

(Last updated 3/29/20)

Advent 2019

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For hundreds of years, the Church has referred to the weeks leading up to Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s incarnation as Advent. Derived from the Hebrew word ‘adventus’, meaning “COMING”, advent creates a rhythm for us as followers of Jesus to slow down our lives and allow Jesus’ origin story to center us on the truest definitions of hope, peace, love and joy. We will spend each of the four weekends leading up to Christmas walking through how Christ’s birth keeps us centered on God’s purpose and mission of redeeming a world back to Himself.

Challenge: Don’t allow this Christmas season to pass by without pausing to find true life in the greatest story of all!

The discussion questions for the next 4 weeks will be found in the Documents section of this blog.

A Spiritual Check-Up


This weekend Pastor Brandon gave us the questions for a spiritual check-up.  Use this as a tool within your groups to check in with one another.


 4 Area’s to Allow God to Search

1.             Am I loving God with all of my HEART?

a.    Heart = What I treasure and show passion for

b.    “What is stronger: my desire for earthly gain or the treasures that are mine in Jesus?”

2.              Am I loving God with all my SOUL?

a.    Soul = The Core of My Identity

b.    “Do I define myself by who God says I am? Am I becoming more compassionate, kind, humble, gentle, and patient?”

3.              Am I loving God with all my MIND?

a.    Mind = What fills my thoughts and imagination?

b.    “How often am I focused on my relationship with God? When my mind wanders, how am I at redirecting it toward God?”

4.              Am I loving God with all my STRENGTH?

a.    Strength = My Power & Abilities

b.    “Do I willingly and regularly acknowledge my weakness apart from God, and credit Him for all I am able to do and accomplish.”

I have included a copy of the questions in the Documents section for future reference.

Welcome Back Pastor Ryan

Update from Pastor Ryan.  Please watch and as you prepare for your next couple weeks of sermons, we encourage you to take some time to let those in your group to share their story.  Start by asking “what difference has Jesus been making in the last year/month/week?”  Get more ideas for your group discussions by watching the video above.

Parables of Jesus Sermon Discussion Questions

final parables sermon title slideYou can find the discussion questions under the Documents page on this site.

Questions will continue to be updated as I get each set of questions done.

November Sermon Discussion Questions

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This month we’ll continue to study the Ten Commandments, where they are (or aren’t) renewed in the New Testament, and how they apply to our lives today.

You can download and print the sermon discussion questions by clicking this link, or by clicking the Documents tab and selecting November 2017.

As a reminder,  if you’d like to access a past sermon online, just click http://www.lighthousehome.org/about/resources/sermon-library.html. If you are accessing from a smart phone or tablet, downloading the Livestream app will be helpful.

If you’d like copies of the sermon notes, they can be found here: http://www.lighthousehome.org/about/resources/sermon-notes.html




This September we have a special opportunity for home groups! Christian and Alison Taylor, along with their three sons, are Lighthouse-sponsored missionaries who serve in Cambodia. For the next few months they will be visiting the United States to share their story, engage in fellowship and ask for prayer. Next month, they will be staying in Puyallup and would like to visit as many home groups as they can between September 4th and 26th.

Click here to read a short bio about the family and their mission projects in Cambodia. If your home group is able to welcome the Taylors to one of your meetings and allow them to share their testimony, please email Pastor Paul Moffett at paul@lighthousehome.org to coordinate a day and time. We’d like to bless this family with at least five home groups to visit, so please prayerfully consider this opportunity. Thank you.