A Spiritual Check-Up


This weekend Pastor Brandon gave us the questions for a spiritual check-up.  Use this as a tool within your groups to check in with one another.


 4 Area’s to Allow God to Search

1.             Am I loving God with all of my HEART?

a.    Heart = What I treasure and show passion for

b.    “What is stronger: my desire for earthly gain or the treasures that are mine in Jesus?”

2.              Am I loving God with all my SOUL?

a.    Soul = The Core of My Identity

b.    “Do I define myself by who God says I am? Am I becoming more compassionate, kind, humble, gentle, and patient?”

3.              Am I loving God with all my MIND?

a.    Mind = What fills my thoughts and imagination?

b.    “How often am I focused on my relationship with God? When my mind wanders, how am I at redirecting it toward God?”

4.              Am I loving God with all my STRENGTH?

a.    Strength = My Power & Abilities

b.    “Do I willingly and regularly acknowledge my weakness apart from God, and credit Him for all I am able to do and accomplish.”

I have included a copy of the questions in the Documents section for future reference.

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