A Million Little Choices


As we go into the summer months, where is God leading you? As we live a million little choices, we set a trajectory to our lives, our families, and our groups. More often than not, we make these choices without even recognizing what we are doing. Today, where is Jesus inviting you to align with His Kingdom? In the midst of a lifetime of choices, today will you make just one to align with Him? Maybe its showing grace to a coworker. Maybe its loving your spouse. Maybe its making time to be with Jesus today. Will you make the choice?

Click the link to watch this short (two-minute) video on RightNow Media: https://player.rightnow.org/98562

Are You Qualified to Lead?

Ever feel like you’re not qualified to lead? Scripture is filled with the beautiful stories of men and women who were called to make a kingdom impact. Often times, it’s the imperfect that perfectly fit into His plan. As Groups wind down, where have you found His strength in spite of your weakness? How can we celebrate His faithfulness this year?

June Sermon Discussion Questions

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This month we’re providing two weeks of sermon discussion questions, as we understand that most groups are about to start or have already started their summer break. If you’ve emailed Sarah or indicated on your attendance log that your group is on break, then your attendance reminders have been shut off.

Please let Sarah know when you’re officially on break and we’ll turn off attendance reminders until September.

To download and print the sermon discussion questions for June, click here or find them in the Documents section.