Standing Firm: Leading From The Trenches

standing firm

It was wonderful to see so many of you on March 10 for our training called “Standing Firm: Leading from the Trenches.” We looked at what Scripture teaches us about “Spiritual Warfare” and how that influences the way we lead and encourage our groups. If you missed it, here’s a link to the training video as well as the notes. Thanks so much for your leadership! It’s a blessing to serve with you!!

Standing Firm video

Standing Firm handouts

Save The Date: Saturday, May 12 – Annual Group Leaders Retreat! Pastor Ryan will unveil the vision and direction for Groups at Lighthouse. There will be fun surprises and a taco bar lunch (it’s Cinco de Mayo after all). You won’t want to miss this!

Even In Our Darkness


Next weekend, Group Leaders will gather together to discuss spiritual warfare. More about that in a minute, but first I want to tell you about a book I was invited to read before it was published called Even In Our Darkness, written by former pastor and theologian Dr. Jack Deere.

I had never heard of the author before, but the description of the book pulled me in: “A powerful memoir of finding beauty and friendship through the pain of loss, tragedy, and brokenness, Even In Our Darkness explores what it means to know God and be known by him.”

Before I began reading the book, I had was convinced that I would be reading about someone who had what I like to call “pastor problems,” not someone who had experienced real pain, loss, tragedy and brokenness, because pastors are favored by God to shepherd those of us with the real problems. Am I right? No. In fact, I couldn’t be more wrong.

This book left me speechless. At first, reading through his teen years, I thought, well that’s the difference of growing up in the south. But as I continued reading, my heart broke for Dr. Jack Deere. These are not “pastor problems.” This is real, hard, ugly, life. But through it all, Jesus was by his side, and Deere clung to that.

I hope that you join us next weekend for Pastor Ryan’s gathering. Click here to link to the post with more information about that.

For more information about Even In Our Darkness, visit the website

Book Review by Sarah Biggerstaff

March Sermon Discussion Questions

carry on

This month during weekend services at Lighthouse we’ll continue along in the series on 2 Timothy. You can find the scripture passages and discussion questions to go along with each by clicking on this link. They are also available in the Documents section.

If you have questions about sermon discussion questions or would like suggestions for study topics for your home group, please send an email to Sarah or Pastor Ryan.