Are You Ready For Summer?

still waters

Dear Home Group Leaders,

As this year comes to an end, you are being led to the still waters of summer where you will find a season of rest. As you bring your group to a break for the summer, think about ending with a BBQ,  potluck, or a group outing (think bowling or baseball).

If your group would like to stay connected throughout the summer, participate in a Fun Group together such as Bridge, Cribbage, Outdoor Games, Golfing or Hiking.

Another option is The Silent Wild. There will be two opportunities to participate this summer on Saturday, July 30th and Monday, August 22. The link to register for one (or both!) will be posted in a couple of weeks, so please share it with your home groups and sign up together.

Lastly, as you prepare for the summer break, please take note of which group members will be returning in the Fall, how many openings you’ll have for new members, and if the meeting location/day/frequency/time will change or remain the same. Sarah Biggerstaff will be reaching out to you in the next few weeks to collect this information in order to better prepare for the annual Group Connect event in September.

Peace be with you and remember to wear sunscreen SMILEY-FACE-EMOTICON

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