Try A Spiritual Self-Assessment

Three hands -male, female and child- holding big puzzle pieces trying to form a picture of the blue sky with sun and clouds. Isolated on white, two clipping paths included one for the puzzle surface and one for the background.

Over the past year, I have heard many groups’ leaders express the desire to go deeper with the people in their groups—experiencing more vulnerability and openness. One thing I have done that has worked pretty well is to do a “self-assessment” a few times a year.  It is a way for everyone in the group to share about how they want to grow in different areas of their lives.

One home group (the Vitzthums) tried a “self-assessment” this fall. Here’s what they had to say:

“Recently we had our first home group of the fall season. We didn’t have our books yet and the sermon based questions hadn’t started, so we decided to do the Spiritual Self-Assessment. We went around the group on each section of the first part, with everyone giving one positive and negative thing about their last year. Everyone was open and honest with their struggles. Some of the best sharing we have ever had. The coolest thing was a new couple joined our group that night and they were able to see firsthand what each individual was going through. I think they felt secure knowing we were a group of sinners who are struggling  through life, but our love for God is greater. What a great first night!”

Try it for yourself! The Spiritual Self-Assessment is available by clicking on this link.

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