Experiencing Solitude

Mt. Rainier

God’s Majesty

Last weekend Pastor Tony led a group of leaders on The Silent Wild at Mt. Rainier. The day was gorgeous! They saw a bear, a mountain goat, and most importantly, everyone on the outing spent time in solitude with God.

Lyle Groeneveld, Tony Traback, Nancy Olson, Dale Olson, Tyler McClung, Kristy O'Hara, Mary & John Latham

Lyle Groeneveld, Tony Traback, Nancy Olson, Dale Olson, Tyler McClung, Kristy O’Hara, Mary & John Latham

The experience unplugging and spending time in solitude was peaceful and inspirational. So much so that each is planning a similar outing within individual home groups. If you’d like information on leading your home group on a solitude experience, contact me for some ideas by emailing sarah@lighthousehome.org.

Welcome our Groups Administrator!

This week marks my first year as the Home Groups Pastor at Lighthouse. It has been an awesome year for me and I want to take this opportunity to thank Beth Beck for her help in assisting Home Groups and me throughout my first year. As year two begins, my pastoral oversight for groups at Lighthouse is increasing. To aid in that change, Sarah Biggerstaff has been hired as a Groups Administrator. I am excited to have Sarah introduce herself to you. –Tony


Some of you may know me from my role as Publicity Team Leader for MOPS or as a helper in children’s ministries, but this time I’d like to introduce myself as the Groups Administrator at Lighthouse. I’ll be assisting Pastor Tony with communication, planning, organizing, and am here to help Home Groups, Fun Groups and Adult Learning Groups with questions, concerns and special requests. I’ll be taking over the administrative duties that Beth Beck previously handled for Groups, so anything that you would go to Beth for, feel free to send to me.

I’m really looking forward to working in this new role and hope to meet many of you soon. Here’s a little bit about me:

  • I grew up in nearby Graham and graduated from PLU, go Lutes!
  • I spent 10+ years working in Public & Media Relations, specifically in the travel & tourism industry. Most recently I’ve spent my time as a stay at home mom to my two and four year old sons.
  • I’m a huge Seahawks fan. My husband and I had season tickets until we had children and our friends still tease us that we traded our seats for strollers.

Feel free to email me anytime at Sarah@lighthousehome.org and I’ll be happy to assist you. Although I primarily work part-time from home, I will be in the office a couple of times each week and check my email and phone messages regularly. I look forward to hearing from you!